Those trying to connect to a multiplayer game on Xbox consoles (Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S), it’s not just you, as several gamers have reported on Xbox Live servers, and it affects not only online play.

Status of Xbox Live servers down for February 1st:

Update 3: All issues have been resolved according to Microsoft:

Update 2: Microsoft said they are still investigating:

updating: Microsoft recognized the server outage!

Below are some of the reports that came up:

Are you able to play online? I get “failed to connect to server” or “connection lost” in my games, want to know if you guys have this problem too M XBox

God Find a detector below Also reported an increase in user reports regarding the Xbox servers. So far, the The official Xbox Support Twitter The account didn’t mention any outages, but once we know more, we’ll update the article.

As always, as soon as new developments emerge, we will update our article.


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