WRC Generations 1.04 update

Developer Kylotonn today released WRC Generations 1.04 update for all platforms. Today’s update gives the game some much needed bug fixes. Check out the WRC Generations January 17 patch notes below.

WRC Generations Update 1.04 Patch Notes | Patch notes for WRC Generations January 17:

As mentioned, shortly before the holidays, we are now releasing the update that was deployed on the PC on the PlayStation and Xbox consoles. You learn about its contents in the patch notes below.

We’re also releasing a small patch on PC (also included in this update for console players) to resolve a saving issue in leagues mode.

Console fixes only

  • Fixed a problem when exceeding 255 stickers in the editor.

  • Changed the lowest league name from “Novice” to “Amateur”.

  • Fixed a display issue in club leaderboards where it only showed the top 10 scores.

  • Fixed an issue when playing more than a single promotion/relegation animation in one instance of the game.

  • Fixed an issue with the hybrid launch control gauge.

  • Fixed an issue with TCS where some power was lost at low speed if it was activated.

  • Fixed a display problem with brake discs under specific conditions.

All platforms

That’s it for the patch notes. WRC Generations is out now on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

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