World War Z Update 1.004

World War Z 1.004 update is out on both last-gen and next-gen platforms, and it brings a short list of fixes to the game. Read on for what’s new in WWZ’s new update patch notes.

World War Z Update 1.0004 Patch Notes | WWZ New Update Patch Notes:


  • Fixed some players experiencing the “Invalid save data” error after transferring the save.
  • Fixed a bug where stealth gameplay would break after players fired guns with silencers.
  • Fixed an issue opening the ACW-20 unique skin.
  • Fixed some players’ save file conversions not properly converting PlayStation 4 game progress to PlayStation 5.

As for what’s new to the game, the next-gen upgrade and Horde Mode XL were released last week, which you can read about here.

source: Backlog support


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