The Dead Space remake from Motive Studio lets you enjoy the game’s story once again with New Game Plus (also styled as New Game+), which gives players the ability to start a new game with their old save file, while retaining some amount of progress while The beginning of the story from scratch. It’s a great way to keep players invested in a title for longer, but how does it actually work in Dead Space? Find out in this Dead Space New Game Plus Remastered Guide.

Dead Space Remake New Game Plus Guide | Dead Space Remake New Game Guide+

How does New Game Plus work in Dead Space remake?

In the Dead Space remake, you can unlock New Game+ after completing the game’s original ending. You will then have the option to activate New Game Plus from the main menu, which comes with various perks. The benefits are as follows:

  • Level 6 advanced suit
  • 50,000 credits
  • 10 power nodes
  • New Phantom Variant Necromorphs
  • secret ending

It’s worth noting that you do save your weapons, items and upgrades from the original save file, which means you can complete upgrades for weapons you didn’t actually use during your first playthrough. While you won’t start NG+ with your items, you can collect them from storage through any of the in-game shop locations. Be sure to drop by as soon as you can.

Abilities like Kinesis and Stasis don’t quite carry over NG+, which is to be expected, and you’ll need to replay the story to unlock them during their specific unlock points. The “Phantom Variant” Necromorphs are essentially stronger versions of their original counterpart, with a different appearance to make them easy to distinguish. Be on guard when facing a new Necromorph for the first time.

What really makes New Game Plus enticing is its new secret ending. The game originally didn’t have this new ending, so fans of the franchise will definitely want to play through NG+ to find out what happens. To reach the secret ending, you’ll need to do some searching, as it requires the player to collect 12 marker fragments scattered throughout the USG Ishimura.

Whether you’re trying to complete all achievements/trophies, enjoy the new secret ending, or upgrade your weapons even further, New Game Plus has a little something for everyone. Check out the Dead Space Remastered Game Center for more Dead Space content.


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