Tribes of Midgard 4.01 update

Norsfell has released Tribes of Midgard update 4.01 (PS5 version 4.001), and it brings a list of fixes for the game’s Witch Saga update. Read about everything new in the official Tribes of Midgard patch notes January 31st.

Tribes of Midgard Update 4.01 Patch Notes | Tribes of Midgard Update 4.001 Patch Notes | Patch Notes Midgard Tribes January 31st:

  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when applying statuses with thunder or dark weapons
  • Fixed an issue where challenges associated with Hel defeats were not visibly tracked
  • Fixed an issue where the Hunter’s Bait and the Seer’s Seer might not appear in longer encounters
  • Fixed an issue with the hit box accuracy of J√∂rmungandr’s Tail Slam attack
  • Fixed an issue where you would not receive essence when harvesting rowan or cultivated mushrooms at night
  • Fixed an issue that caused storage boxes to be disassembled from the repair function
  • Fixed a rare issue where Fenrir would decide not to exit their fight with the Inharger and jump out of the arena
  • Fixed an issue where Toy Surtr items were not being looted from Volcanic Turret camps
  • Slightly reduced the maximum amount of wolves spawned by Wolfmancer Fenrir, and Draugar spawned by Hel

That’s about it. If further changes are announced, we will make sure to let our readers know.

source: Tribes of Midgard


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