Norsfell has released the Tribes of Midgard 4.00 update, designed to download the game’s free Witch Saga content! It brings cross-play for PC and Xbox players, a new farming system, a new area to explore and more! Read on for the full list of new content in the Tribes of Midgard January 17 patch notes.

Patch notes for Tribes of Midgard 4.00 update | Tribes of Midgard Witch Saga Patch Notes | Tribes of Midgard January 17 patch notes:

The Witch Saga Characteristics:

  • Enter the realm of the dead: Hel has summoned the Draugr to lead her army of helthings as she plans to corrupt the roots of Yggdrasil. Time is of the essence, and to win, you will have to take this fight its domain.
    • In Witch Saga Quest, find the undergate portal and enter Niflheim at your own risk, as the coldest biome has many tricks up its icy sleeve.
    • Explore the chilly depths of Niflheim, raid ancient stone mausoleums for loot, gain access to unique crafting materials to craft powerful recipes, and challenge the Goddess of the Underworld to free her prisoner, the Fallen God Balder.
  • Grocery store: In addition to the new Biome, Ancient and Saga Quest, The Witch Saga Introduces a farming system that gives the Einerger the ability to plant seeds and cultivate materials they need for crafting. Using the new Shovel tool, players can plant a special substance called ‘Essence’ and grow ingredients like stone and iron after a timer.
  • Crossplay: The Witch Saga Cross-platform game debut for Tribes of Midgard Players on Steam, Epic Games Store and Xbox. Einherjar now have the ability to link together online to take on Hel from different devices – no runes required.

If official changes related to the game are discovered, we will update the post with it.


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