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EA Sports PGA Tour, the upcoming realistic golf game, recently received a new gameplay trailer along with a release date announcement. The EA Sports PGA Tour release date is set for March 23 this year, and players can expect the game’s realistic physics and gameplay systems as shown in the gameplay trailer.

In the new trailer, we get four minutes of gameplay footage along with an explanation of the game’s unique systems that keep the golf experience as realistic as possible. You can also watch the teaser trailer from a few months ago here.


The trailer dives into the game’s Pure Strike system, which uses professional and official game player data to recreate the strikes of every golfer on the EA Sports PGA Tour. This means the game can feel very different depending on which golfer you play.

Aside from Pure Strike, the game features more realistic golf ball and track physics that mimic the trajectory and movement of the ball in real life. If you’re an avid IRL golfer, you can expect the golf ball to fly and move like it would on a real golf course.

EA Sports PGA Tour will feature elements found in many other traditional sports-based video games, including a career mode that follows your path to the Masters. You can also play various iconic courses around the world, allowing you to experience the feeling of playing professionally.

EA Sports PGA Tour is set to release on March 23rd on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.


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