Sonic is a franchise that’s all about speed, and the fantasy of running through levels and areas at breakneck speed is what gives Sonic its charm. Part of this fast-paced fantasy is the Boost mechanic, but according to Sonic Frontiers director Morio Kishimoto, the boost may be removed in a future game.

Kishimoto mentioned in a tweet that for Sonic Frontiers he wasn’t sure if he wanted to keep the mechanic in the game or not, and decided to do so in the end. However, Kishimoto does state that he’s looking to make a Sonic game that doesn’t include boosting as part of its core gameplay.

Here is a translated version of the tweet via DeepL:

When I started working on this game, I was very worried about whether a boost was possible or not, and I decided to adopt it. I still think for the next game, I’d like to try a Sonic game without a boost.

My favorite giant bosses are the first and second.

It’s an interesting decision to say the least, as boosting is a classic element of Sonic games, and removing it could upset players who have enjoyed leveling up as Sonic for so many years. Of course, the removal of Boost doesn’t necessarily mean the next Sonic game will automatically be bad, so we’ll have to see if Kishimoto follows through on this idea and implements it in a way that satisfies the fan base.


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