Apparently, Microsoft is going to showcase some upcoming games through a rumored showcase. The Xbox Games Showcase will be called “Developer_Direct” and is expected to launch on January 25th at 12pm PT.

The showcase is expected to include anticipated titles such as Forza Motorsport and Minecraft Legends. Since this is an Xbox-only show, the scale probably won’t be as big as reveals you’ll see at presentations like E3.

This is good news for Xbox users as we really didn’t get any information during the last big gaming show at The Game Awards. With Microsoft apparently going for something more along the lines of Nintendo Direct and PlayStation’s State of Play, we should be able to get more regular information about games developed for the console.

While this report itself doesn’t have much backing, we do have possible confirmation via an Xbox executive. Aaron Greenberg, Vice President of Xbox Games Marketing, teased that he is excited for the next few days, and expects it to be a “fun week.”

Developer_Direct’s showcase show is rumored to premiere on January 25th, so while Greenberg may not be hinting at the show itself, he may be referring to its official announcement. Microsoft has yet to reveal anything about the program, after all, and announcing it this week should generate enough buzz for it to premiere to a wider audience.

If we hear any more information regarding this rumored show, we’ll let you know.


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