Rocket League 2.25 update

Psyonix today released the Rocket League 2.25 update for all platforms. This update brings the Neon Nights content as well as bug fixes. Check out the Rocket League January 24 patch notes below.

Rocket League Update 2.25 Patch Notes | Patch notes for Rocket League January 24:

Neon nights

  • v2.25 prepares Rocket League for Neon Nights
    • Neon Nights starts on 1/25/2023 at 9:00 AM PST / 5:00 PM UTC
    • Learn more about Neon Nights Here

Changes and updates

New settings tab: Training

  • Added a new ‘Tutorial’ section under Settings
    • The training tab is only visible in settings when you are in custom training or free play
  • General settings are available in both custom training and free play
    • Game speed allows you to slow down the game
    • Controls The display dictates when the controls appear on the screen. Options include:
      • Always seen
      • hidden
      • fade
  • Free play options are available in Free Play only
    • Disabling Target Reset turns off both goal bursts and resets to kick mode
    • Boost options allow you to change boost fill. Options include:
      • Unlimited
      • standard
      • AutoFill
    • Boost Recharge Delay
      • Activated only when the option to increase autofill is selected
      • You can adjust the delay from 0.50 seconds to 3.00 seconds in 0.25 second increments

Collision map

  • Fixed a map crash on all standard maps.
    • This means that the ball will now behave the same on all maps when it rolls off the wall
  • Map Clash update also includes minor adjustments to objectives, increasing locations and starting location so they are the same on all standard maps

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the correct competitive ranking from appearing on the in-game scoreboard if a player leaves the game before the scoreboard appears
  • Fixed two bugs preventing goal explosions and ball position from updating correctly when searching replays
  • Esports shop decals will no longer duplicate trim on titanium white car bodies
  • Restored Distortion sticker for Takumi in player inventory
  • Fixed appearance of the bobble sticker when equipped with the samurai mount

source: The Rocket League


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