With the PS5 being more accessible and available than ever, it looks like scalpers have finally raised the white flag. A Reddit post Reveals alleged scalper “gives up” selling PS5s at exorbitant prices in photo.

Here’s the photo in question, where a man is seen carrying multiple PS5 God of War bundles:

This guy is trying to return a PS5 number M Mildly irritating

What’s even more interesting is the fact that the scalper seems to be trying to get the PS5s back, but according to one of the post’s comments, it looks like he didn’t quite succeed in the attempt.

The manager came out and told him he couldn’t return them because he had already tried at other stores and they sent a message to beware of him.

It’s worth noting that Walmart, the store where this photo was taken, has Extended holiday return policy. It states that “most items purchased in store or online from October 1, 2022 through December 31, 2022, can be returned through January 31, 2023.” Even if the PS5s seen here were bought on the release day of the God of War bundle, it would still be covered by the grocer’s return policy. Either way, the exact cause is unknown. We’re not sure if the PS5s were simply not covered by this policy, or if the company decided to delay the returns for some other reason.

Scalpers have been a rampant problem in the video game hardware industry for quite some time. Until recently, it was difficult to get the PS5 without buying a unit that sold for hundreds of dollars more. Lawmakers in the US actually tried to curb the scalping problem with a bill, but since PS5s are easy to find now, this should finally get rid of PS5 price gouging.


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