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Crystal Dynamics is finally pulling the plug on Marvel’s Avengers if a recent rumor is to be believed. Marvel’s live-action game hasn’t taken off as well as many people hoped it would, with publisher Square Enix confirming that it hasn’t underperformed in terms of sales.

According to a new report from Marvel’s trusted insider Miller, Crystal Dynamics is said to have reassigned the rest of its developers to focus on the upcoming Tomb Raider game. As a result, Marvel’s Avengers is set to sink sometime this year, with reports suggesting that development on the game will cease as early as next week. It will still receive a few updates, such as an upgrade to the game’s player traversal system and the removal of a time gate, but other than that, the game seems to be retired.

Since Marvel’s Avengers wasn’t a huge success by any means, one can only hope that the upcoming Tomb Raider game showcases the true talents of Crystal Dynamics when it’s not held back by what former developers have claimed to be Marvel Games’ “incompetent studio management and bureaucracy.”

If this rumor is true, then it means that the Winter Soldier will be the last free hero released for the game. As with any rumor, take this with a grain of salt until announcements from Square Enix or Crystal Dynamics.

source: eXputer


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