Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online concurrent players counted on Steam just reached an all-time high of 66,539 players. This is a surprising revelation given the fact that the game was released on the platform a little over three years ago.

looking at the statistics in SteamDB, you’ll notice that the concurrent player count has been pretty consistent for a while now. Since RDR2 is a huge game with tons of stories and things to do, players who started the game weeks or even months ago are likely still enjoying the open world experience the game offers.

Then there’s Red Dead Online, RDR2’s multiplayer mode. It receives monthly updates, with the January update coming out just a few days ago. Even after you’ve finished the story, Red Dead Online gives players hours of even more content.

If we look at the concurrent player count since RDR2’s release, the game actually performed quite well during the latter part of 2022, with the most recent peak occurring just recently.

One of the possible reasons for this increase is that the game goes on sale. RDR2 was one of the many featured games sold during the Steam Winter Sale 2022 event, and with a 67% discount, it made the game much more affordable for those looking to pick up the title.

The game also sold really well throughout 2022, According to Steam. The website lists RDR2 as one of the platform’s top games in terms of gross revenue, when it is in the Gold Tier. For reference, Steam ranked games based on a tier from Platinum to Bronze, with Gold being the second highest tier.

Whether you’re one of the 66,000+ players enjoying the game right now or not, that kind of staying power from a video game is an impressive sight to behold.

source: SteamDB Through Rockstar Intel


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