Following a reported game code leak, a third-party gameplay demo of the canceled prequel Portal “F-Stop” has been released to the public. The video, released with Valve’s permission, shows a reworking of Portal’s gravity manipulation mechanics, and features a camera device used to duplicate objects in the game.

The demo was created by recreating the project assets, and you can watch it below:

F-Stop was designed as a prequel to the original Portal, replacing or omitting several of Portal’s plot devices and characters altogether: the series’ overall antagonist Cave Johnson was to appear in the game in a role similar to that of GlaDOS, and the first game of the first game. The iconic portal gun was supposed to be replaced by the camera object seen in the gameplay footage above.

F-Stop was eventually rebooted as a sequel to Portal sometime in 2008, becoming Portal 2. While the original prequel idea never came to fruition, the project’s unique and refreshing mechanics will leave many fans of the franchise longing for a proper release of F-Stop.

source: @litevxx Through @Tyler_McV


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