343 Industries, the game studio behind Halo Infinite, hasn’t been doing too well in recent months. After the multiplayer creative director left the company, Microsoft’s latest mass layoffs also reduced the studio’s workforce. In light of recent developments, 343 issued a statement that the studio “will continue to develop games now and in the future.”

While the future of 343 Industries and the Halo franchise as a whole seems uncertain given the recent news surrounding the studio, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer promised in a recent interview, stating that the company is “critically important to the success of Halo.”

What we’re doing now is we want to make sure that the leadership team is set up with the flexibility to build the plan that they need to go build. And Halo will remain very important to what Xbox does, and 343 is very important to the success of Halo.

Spencer also addresses that Halo Infinite missed the mark in some aspects, but reiterates that 343 did a “really good job” with the latest Halo title.

…I think sometimes it gets a little lost in the discussion of Halo and 343, which will always be iconic for Xbox, is just the launch of Halo Infinite a little over a year ago and the quality of execution that this team put into the game. I thought it was fantastic. Obviously we’re talking about next year, and I think there are some mistakes we’ve made as a team, definitely. But I don’t want to take away from the fact that the team did a really good job delivering a great hilo game. I think critics have responded to that. We definitely saw last year’s players play and the success that game had.

When asked about Halo Infinite’s 10-year support plan (via NME), here’s what Spencer had to say:

I look forward to continuing to support and grow Halo as long as the Xbox is a platform for people to play. So I think the timeline goes on and on depending on Xbox, and I want to make sure the team is ready to be successful with that.

The Xbox CEO made a number of noteworthy statements in the interview, such as admitting blame for Xbox’s weak showing in 2022. Halo and Xbox have been inseparable for years, and based on Spencer’s comments, it seems the company is committed to keeping it that way, at least for now .

source: IGN


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