HB Studios has released the PGA Tour 2K23 1.08 update, and it looks like it adds new content to the game in the form of a new course. Read on for more information in the February 1 PGA Tour 2K23 patch notes.

PGA Tour 2K23 Update 1.08 Patch Notes | PGA Tour 2K23 February 1 Patch Notes:

No official patch notes have been revealed by the studio, but this was announced today:

Not sure if this patch unlocks Season 2, which promises a slew of new content for players. Speaking of which, here’s a recent Q&A done by the studio to give players an idea of ​​what to expect:

Q: Any news on ranked online play? – Bub’ (Discord)

Ranked Online Game Focused Season 2! Start practicing now, it’s about to get real.^JM

Q: Will there be new sponsorship items to unlock? – jcorn_10

There are no plans to change the sponsorship rewards at this time..but we have tons of fresh new gear and apparel coming in the coming seasons! So don’t worry, you will have many new options. ^JM

Q: When are you going to fix living ghosts in companies? – jmhollabaugh (Discord)

Our team is investigating this issue. We have our best ghost stoppers on the bag. πŸ‘» ^JM

Q: Is Pine’s Valley released during the club’s second season? – from JMorphy

We’re excited to say that Pine Valley is indeed slated for Season 2. What a course. What an ending. ^JM

Q: Want to see new and added clothing and clubs daily for purchase. – JuiceStainz53

Our team is always looking for new ways to bring fresh clothing and gear to the store. We plan to continue this trend going forward. Shouts to Eastside Golf, Callaway, Puma, UA and more. ^JM

Q: What are the plans for cross-platform play at the company? – A bad badger

For the introduction of Cross-Play, we want to focus on the live experience of uniting players in casual and ranked matches. This is the start of cross-play and we’re excited to see how it grows. ^JM

Q: With cross-platform play, will there be an indicator showing what platform your opponent(s) are playing on? – Kelson64

Yes, there will be an indicator if an opponent is on your platform, or another platform; But not necessarily specifically which one. Thanks Kelson! ^JM

Q: Paradym, Stealth2, G430 will be available? – Tylerkinson92

We love new gear season, just like the rest of you. Our clubhouse season tickets are a great place to watch for new gear drops. ^JM

Q: When do we get the pregame team??? – Bugswaffles

Your favorite Fore Play team is headed to Season 2. Season 2 is πŸ”₯! ^JM

Q: Do we have a physical club lobby to chip, tilt, drive with other random players and mini challenges? – Nytogaboi

Building more social aspects is something we are always looking at. After all, golf is more fun with friends. 🀝 ^JM

Q: Shorten the time people have in 2v2 game mode. Mourners and afkers get more than 2 minutes to sit there per hole per player – tschuelk

Golf is a game of patience. If you’re looking for speed, check out Divot Derby. Just wear comfortable shoes, you’ll be in a hurry. πŸ‘Ÿ^JM

Q: When does crossplay and ranking download? – blaisebutirich

We’re aiming for season 2, so get in the range!🏌️^JM

As soon as HB releases a proper patch changelog, we’ll update the article.


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