Battlefield 2042 Update Patch Notes 3.1.2

DICE has revealed that a new patch is coming tomorrow for Battlefield 2042! Called patch 3.1.2, it brings new weapons, game-related changes, and more! Note that this does not include the class rework and the redesigned Breakaway map, as these come in a new patch released later this month (3.2.0). Read on for the full Battlefield 2042 3.1.2 patch notes below, so you know what’s coming tomorrow, January 17th.

Battlefield 2042 3.1.2 patch notes:

Patch deployment time: 9am UTC/4am ET/1am PT/5pm HKT.


The battlefield portal

  • Spearhead is now available in several official templates in Web Builder, such as Conquest Hardcore, FFA, and Team Deathmatch


  • Spearhead: Fixed an instance of clipping with the camera during the input phase at the beginning of the game


  • Fixed an issue where experts were not working properly during the input stages at the start of a match, sorry for the scare
  • Sundance: Anti-armor grenades are now correctly intercepted by vehicles with active defense systems activated
  • Crawford: Fixed an issue where there was no icon to display overheating progress while using the Mount Vulcan Stationary Minigun


  • 50mm cannon ammo on air transports increased from 8 -> 10
  • Fixed an issue where for a short period of time, the EMKV90-TOR’s turret speed would slow down after firing the HHV-EMG Maul main weapon


  • Fixed some instances of recoil compensation being inconsistent when firing for extended periods of time
  • The Rorsch MK-4’s damage has been reduced against vehicles, while on the High Power Capacitor version of the weapon (single shot), this change is to ensure that the Rorsch can help take out some vehicle targets, but not the dominant way to take out targets as seen previously.
    • Heavy vehicles now take about 50% less damage
    • Light vehicles now take about 25% less damage
    • High power capacitor charging increased from 0.8 -> 1 second
  • Damage for the MCS-880 has been improved for close range scenarios, bringing it in line with other weapons such as the 12M Auto and NVK-S22.
    • Damage per bullet increased from 8 -> 15 at range under 20 meters with default rounds (#01 Buckshot)
  • NVK-P125 bursts per minute increased from 150 -> 160, this should now match the intended rate of the weapon

As expected, the previously unreleased Vault Weapons reviewed are part of tomorrow’s patch. Stay tuned here on MP1st once the official download is out tomorrow.

source: EA


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