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Overwatch 2 will see a focus on more support heroes in the coming seasons, and according to director Aaron Keller, the next two Overwatch heroes will be Supports.

Keller revealed the roles of the two upcoming heroes in an interview with NME. According to him, they “bring some things to the game that we haven’t seen before – some new mechanics and really exciting ways to interact with your team.”

It’s worth noting that this isn’t actually the first time we’ve heard about Overwatch 2’s goal of adding more support heroes to the game. A recent tweet from lead hero designer Alec Dawson mentioned that for the foreseeable future, “for every four heroes you’ll see 1 tank, 1 DPS, and 2 supports.”

With the next two heroes confirmed as support, it will be interesting to see how the competitive meta develops when the Overwatch World Cup returns later this year. Hopefully the future additions to the roster will have as positive an impact on the game as Keller anticipates.

source: NME

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