Nobody saves the world update 1.03

Drinnickbox Studios has released the Nobody Saves the World 1.03 update on all platforms, and it adds free content to the game in the form of a new dungeon! Read on for the official Nobody Saves the World patch notes for January 18th.

Nobody Saves the World Update 1.03 Patch Notes | Nobody Saves The World Comments for Impossible Dungeon Update | Nobody Saves the World Jan 18 Patch notes:

“Dungeon Impossible” update notes:

– New dungeon: a carnival-themed “endless” dungeon that challenges players to quickly complete increasingly difficult floors under time pressure
– Good achievements in the dungeon reward the players with “tickets” that can be spent to build a large statue containing all the forms of the game
– A new “Dino” form, with all new abilities and missions, is unlocked by playing the impossible dungeon. Dino form encourages players to switch between different damage types in order to achieve damage boosting effects

Additional bug fixes:

– Gates at the start of the Frozen Hearth area may accidentally close behind players
– Using Slime Slide twice in rapid succession may incorrectly turn the starting puddle into a damage zone
– Leech health was not calculated correctly for certain abilities when in a dungeon with the damage mod x9999
– The “0 mana required” change made it impossible to perform some abilities when the player had 0 mana
– Certain enemies will not be hit by turret projectiles when projectiles are fired at certain angles
– Mechanic’s leg animations may break when using a flurry of arrows
– Players may sometimes get stuck behind a rock in Whackamele! Challenge room
– Summoning demons from tower deaths does not count towards the Necromancer’s “Custom II: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” quest
– The frozen hearth level loading screen was not centered properly
– Fixed issues with using some wireless/bluetooth controllers to play the game

That’s about it. Enjoy the free content, folks!

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