Overwatch 2 Item Shop Rotation for January 31st

Blizzard has released the new Overwatch 2 store round for January 31, 2023! This means that another round of character skins and other cosmetics can be bought through the in-game story using Overwatch Coins.

Don’t forget, 100 Overwatch Coins converts to $1 USD, so 1,000 Overwatch Coins equals $10 and so on.

New Overwatch 2 Store Round for January 31, 2023:

Overwatch January 2 31 new packs and skins for the store


  • Owl Guardian Mercy Bundle (Epic) – 1000 OC (16% off 1200 OC)
    • “Owl Keeper” Marcy Skeen (Epi)
    • Mercy Spray “Owl Keeper” (common)
    • “Birds of a Feather Heal Together” Mercy Voice Line (shared)
  • Drummer Pack (Lucio) (Epi) – 2200 OC (26% off 3000 OC)
    • “Samul Nori” Lucio Skin (Legendary)
    • “Drummer” highlights from Lucio (Epi)
    • “Samul Nori” Lucio Spray (common)
    • Lucio’s Victory Pose “Drumming” (Rare)
  • Opera Warriors Pack (Brigit) (Legendary) – 1800 OC (10% off 2000 OC)
    • “Opera” Brigitte Skeen (legendary)
    • “Warrior Opera” Brigitte Spray (common)
  • Jötunn (Doomfist) Bundle (Legendary) – 1900 OC (20% off 2400 OC)
    • “Jötunn” Doomfist Skin (Legendary)
    • “Toast” Doomfist Victory Pose (Rare)
    • “They say chivalry is dead” Doomfist Voice Line (common)
    • Doomfist Spray “Snow Fist” (Common)
  • Sombra Skin “Face Changer” (Legendary) – 1700 OC (10% off 1900 OC)

That’s about it for this week’s Overwatch 2 Item Shop Rotation. In case you didn’t know, Blizzard recently announced that for the game’s events, players will now be able to earn a skin for it just by playing just like the first Overwatch!

You can also check out all these items at Battle.net Overwatch 2 store page.


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