New Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Rewards and Map This Week, January 13th

For those looking for the latest rewards in Destiny 2’s weekly PvP mode, MP1st is here to bring you the Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris new rewards and map this week, January 13, 2023 edition!

New Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Rewards this week, January 13, 2023:

Trials of the Osiris map



  • Reputation Rating 4: Upgrade Module (2)
  • Reputation Rating 7: Prism for Improvement (3)
  • Reputation Rank 10: Experimental Weapon (changes for each rating reset)
  • Reputation Rating 13: Upgrade Module (2)
  • Reputation Rank 16: Experimental Weapon (changes for each rating reset)
  • Immaculate Reward: The Inquisitor (Adept)

Reputation system, engram experiments and adaptive farming

Win individual rounds within each game to gain Trials reputation. The amount of reputation you will earn increases with each round you win your card. Earn enough reputation, and you can claim a Engram experiments From Saint-14! This anagram can be focused on any currently available trial stack you’ve previously obtained, or it can be taken to Master Rahool for a random trial drop. Your reputation increases after each game completionBased on the number of spin wins on your card, regardless of the outcome of that match itself (win or lose, 0-5 or 5-4).

Once you’ve passed flawlessly, keep playing! Every win you get at the 7-win level, even if you lose your Flawless, has a chance to drop bonus trials engrams, skilled weapons, prisms, and even Ascendant Shards. There is no penalty for losing once you’ve reached the lighthouse!

When you’re done, you can redeem your pass with 7 wins for one more skill drop, provided you passed flawlessly that week. This resets your card so you can start over.


Name bonus cost
Passage of savages Winning your third game awards a bonus win. 10000 Glimmer and 15 Legendary Shards
beyond mercy Forgives one loss per run. 10000 Glimmer and 15 Legendary Shards
transition of wealth Increase in Trials ranks points from reaching 3, 5 and 7 game wins on a card. 15000 Glimmer and 25 Legendary Shards
A transition of trust Grants bonus rewards for flawless play. 20000 Glimmer and 50 Legendary Shards

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