King of Fighters 15 update 1.62

SNK today released King of Fighters 15 update 1.62 (version 1.006.002 for PS5) for all platforms. This new update comes with gameplay refinements and other changes. Here are the KOF15 January 17 patch notes below.

King of Fighters 15 Update 1.62 Patch Notes | King of Fighters 15 Update 1.006.002 Patch Notes | KOF15 January 17 patch notes:

Here’s a little message for today’s update. You can view the full patch notes via the gallery and PDF links below.

Patch version 1.62 sharpening intents

Overall, we’ve made gameplay adjustments by increasing the performance of less frequently used characters, slightly reducing the performance of more powerful characters and moves, and also making changes to some systems to make KOF XV easier to play. In addition, the performance of some characters was refined by increasing their combined scale values ​​because their Blow Back attacks had a higher hit return than other techniques and the frequency of its use was skewed.

Notes for the next patch of KOF 15 1.62:

You can find the full PDF containing all the patch notes and character refinements Here. That’s it for the patch notes. King of Fighters 15 is out now on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

source: SNK PDF


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