The Outsiders have released Metal Hellsinger update 1.02, for hotfix 1.5.1! This brings fixes to the pacing gameplay of first-person shooters. Read on for the full Metal Hellsinger January 19 notes.

Helsinger Metal Update 1.02 Patch Notes | Helsinger Metal Update 1.5.1 Patch Notes | Metal Helsinger January 19 Patch Notes:

  • Addressed an issue where the Judge Benihil aspect did not move to the damage stage
    After the enemy phase under specific circumstances.
  • Fixed a crash caused after immediately exiting to the main menu after starting
    certain actions.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur after using Paz ultimate on taking out enemies in the process
    Entering the arena.
  • Fixed a crash caused when pressing any button on the controller during reconnection of the key.
  • Fixed a UI stability issue where the game could be soft locked after selection
    Quickly ‘claim’ option at post level unlock screen


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