Illfonic has released the Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed 1.12 update, for patch version 1.4.0. Besides bug fixes, today’s update also comes with free DLC with a new map and more. Check out the Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed February 1 patch notes below.

Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed Update 1.12 Patch Notes | Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed 1.4.0 patch notes | Ghostbusters Spirits patch notes released on February 1st:

Patch Notes 1.4.0 (DLC #1)

New map – MOROS medical facility
Introducing the MOROS medical facility, the latest job to become available in the firehouse!

MOROS Medical, which closed for good in the late 1980s, was recently purchased by a private investor group that has plans to renovate and reopen the facility. Unfortunately for them, it is plagued by ghostly activity, and construction crews refuse to enter this haunted health center.

A new type of ghost – Gluttony
The new Glutton type is a bit more unique than your standard Ghost. The gluttons all share the unique ability to “consume” which allows them to devour many objects within the various maps. By consuming items, they will increase their bloat gauge, which increases the power of their ultimate abilities! Each variant has a different type of regurgitation Ultimate that spits out the waste consumed with powerful attacks. Although their Ultimates benefit from a lower cooldown, you must consume enough to use their full potential.
• Muncher
• Output
• pile

Two new secondary gadgets – Belt Gizmo and Disruptor Pilon
Two new secondary gadgets have been added to Ghostbuster’s toolkit to further diversify the breakout gameplay. Visit the workbench or equipment cart to equip these new items once you’re at the appropriate level.

gizmo belt
Simple and small, yet effective, the Belt Gizmo is a passive gadget that dulls your ectovision signature significantly while worn. This makes it much harder for the ghosts to follow you, though it doesn’t completely prevent it if your fear levels are too high.

disrupts Philo
A deployable battery post device, scans a large area around it for psychokinetic infused physical objects. If an object streamed in PKE is detected, the resulting arc field is charged and fired at the object, destroying it. Ghosts in the vicinity of the Disruptor Pillar are unable to hold objects

Connecting new equipment – PKE meter: Ecto-Zapper
A new arm attachment to the PKE meter provides Busters with an alternative ghost stunner. The Ecto Zapper must be activated and immobilize ghosts, but can also passively stun ghosts that pass through the buster if the zapper is activated. The Ecto Zapper can be unlocked with a research contract and while the range is limited, it has a shorter reboot time.

Personal customization
New cosmetics – gear shells
Want a specific look but want to save changes in attachments? We have you covered in gear shells. Equipment wrappers override the appearance of equipment without removing the connection’s stat changes. Some of the more unique attachments, such as the RTV kit do not allow shells due to their unique functionality and will indicate this when equipping.

New Buster Customization – Morph Targets
Customize your Buster’s face the way you really want!

With these new Morph Targets, you can customize your Buster’s face in a variety of different ways. We’ve added negative values ​​that allow you to reduce facial features.

Suit repairs
There’s a whole bunch of new patches to wear your suit and a new cork board in the Firehouse to display your patch collection!

The real ghostbusters
We also have a ton of new cosmetics coming out in this patch like The Real Ghostbusters hairstyles, glasses and gear shells.

Ghost swapping
You’ve all been asking for this feature and it’s finally here!

Ghosts are now able to switch to a different Ghost type mid-game.
You can choose the type of ghost you want to re-display like in the pause menu or after being captured as the ghost.

Once captured, you will be reborn as your chosen ghost

tenure (level 2)
Tenure now has an additional level that unlocks very special cosmetics!

Go check it out at the firehouse right now!

news bulletin
There is now a news bulletin located in the main menu and the pause menu with the latest announcements from Ghostbusters: Spirits of Liberation!

Quick access menu
Now you can access everything you need on Firehouse in one central location!

The quick access menu is now available and located in the pause menu under quick access

• Various crash fixes
• Made improvements to matchmaking
• Introduced level-based matchmaking, where, when possible, players will be matched together based on their level
• Improvements to the preference queue to increase the chance of entering the game as your favorite team
• Made improvements to the accuracy of Japanese localization
• Clear All Notifications button is now available in the snooze menu
• Added polls that will sometimes appear after a match is finished
• Added warning message when users equip conflicting customization options
• Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the Ghost Tutorial to not progress properly
• Fixed an issue where the research contract descriptions were not displayed correctly
• Fixed an issue where the neural frequency emitter attachment did not work properly in the alley

• Fixed an issue with the SFX and animations not working correctly when deploying or retrieving a trap
• AI Busters are now able to Mantle
• AI Busters can now use multiple gadgets
• Fixed an issue where Busters AI would sometimes not behave properly after tranquilizing civilians
• Fixed an issue that caused Busters to be unable to ping Rifts
• Added a HUD-based cooldown bar to the PKE Gear widget to allow players to see the respawn time while gear is currently unequipped

Replacement of attached equipment

• A large reading card to improve user feedback on the capabilities of the gadgets. This includes improvements to sounds, VFX, and the user interface to present proper cooling feedback to the player when using a special attachment.

pug nose
• Increased shell duration

We found that part of the equipment upgrade build made the shell duration too fast, made some of the shell animations look and feel glitchy, and made the shell mobility disproportionate to normal navigation. Since the Snub Nose upgrade has so many benefits associated with it, we felt that reducing the Mantle Duration speed would help balance out the upgrade’s benefit

Cryo synchronization
• Reducing heat generation
particle thruster
• Fixed a bug where statistical changes on the particle thruster were not applied
• Reduced proton current range
• Binding strength has been replaced by heat generation

The particle thruster is on a mode switch, which switches between PT mode and normal mode when the ability button is pressed when the buster is not firing. This allows players to choose when they want to use the extra heat gardener to increase their current range. PT status is also affected by other stat changes made by the Buster’s other gear upgrades

Centrifugal propeller
• Added sprint boost
• Overheat cooldown duration removed
• Knockback recovery replaced with ventilation speed
• Reduced deployment time

• Cooldown reduction of Ultimates on all Ghost types
• Made improvements to Ghost animations, VFX and emotes
• Ghosts now have a short cooldown between holding objects when using a tap to hold
• Ghost traps can now be destroyed by additional ghost attacks and abilities
• Destruction to objects now increases overall chase rate
• AI ghosts now flee when unable to grab an exposed shard
• Fixed an issue with Ectovision SFX not playing correctly when exiting a force bar object

source: The Ghostbusters released Discord


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