Ghostbusters update 1.10

Illfonic has released the Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed 1.10 update, for hotfix version 1.3.1! This title update includes a fix where players were placed in the wrong group and more! Check out the full patch notes for Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed 1.3.1.

Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed 1.10 patch notes | Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed Update 1.3.1 Patch Notes | Ghostbusters Spirits patch notes released on January 12th:

These fixes include a change that should (hopefully) fix the issue where players were placed in the wrong group, causing a number of different matchmaking issues. If you are still experiencing any of the issues listed below, please let us know in the bug report channel so we can diagnose the issue as soon as possible.

There are many more changes, fixes and new content on the way in the upcoming patch, so stay tuned!

• Various crash fixes.
• Addressed an issue that sometimes caused the wrong amount of players to spawn in each group.
• Addressed an issue where the Ghost could sometimes become invisible after holding an object.
• Fixed an issue that caused incorrect text to be displayed when destroying the final tear.
• Fixed an issue where Winky’s textures were not displaying properly after increasing the persistence level.
• Fixed an issue where the accolades, such as the toaster, did not appear in the firehouse.

That’s about it. There was a previous patch released in December that contained a ton of bug fixes. Go check it out here in case you’re curious.

source: The Ghostbusters released Discord


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