Genshin Impact 3.41 (PS5 version 3.410) update is out now, and it’s for version 3.4 titled “The Finest Bells of the Night”. Players can expect new areas to play in, new characters and more! Read on for Genshin Impact January 17 patch notes.

Genshin Impact Update 3.41 patch notes | Genshin Impact Update 3.410 patch notes | Genshin Impact Update 3.4 patch notes | Patch notes for Genshin Impact January 17:

〓Content review update〓

〓Adjustments and optimizations〓

● System

In “Mystic Offering”, the selected artifacts will not be cleared after replacing the Artifact Strongbox.

In “Mystic Offering”, added a second confirmation popup when selecting an enhanced item.

Optimizes the filtering criteria for Artifacts in “Mystic Offering”.

In “Mystic Offering”, objects can be selected in groups by scrolling.

● Audio

Optimizes the sound of some element reaction effects in the Genius Invocation TCG.

Adjusts the playback logic when weather related voiceovers and waiting characters are played at the same time.

● Characters

Optimizes the appearance of Yelen’s hands in her model.

Adjusts the appearance of Dory’s legs in her character illustration.

● Genius Invocation TCG

Adds a function to end a round using a controller when playing Genius Invokation TCG. While using the controller, when the cursor is hovering, hold the X button on PC and PS4™ or the Circle button on PS5™ to end the rotation (using the Dualsense™ and DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controllers as examples).

Adds L1 and R1 button prompts when using a controller to play Genius Invokation TCG (using the Dualsense™ or DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controllers as examples).

Adjusts the number of charge-ups and elemental dice required, as well as the DMG distributed by elemental burst for the character card “Yoimiya” in the Genius Invokation TCG: the number of charge-ups required increased from 2 to 3, the number of dice required increased from 3 Pyro Dice to 4, and “Deals 3 Pyro DMG…” has been adjusted to “Deals 4 Pyro DMG…”

Adjusts the DMG shared by the Elemental Skills “Blustering Blade” and “Frosty Assault” of the character card “Maguu Kenki” in the Genius Invokation TCG: these two Elemental Skills will no longer deal DMG, and will only summon “Shadowsword: Lone Gale” and “Shadowsword: Frost Dashing”, respectively.

Adjusted the effect of the “Meat Mantis Buns” event card in the Genius Invocation TCG: This effect can now trigger up to 3 times.

Adjusts the number of uses of the team combat status “Accelerating Field” in the Genius Invocation TCG: the number decreased from 3 to 2.

Adjusts the number of elemental dice required for the talent card “Floral Sidewinder” in the Genius Invocation TCG: the required number has been increased from 3 Dendro dice to 4.

Optimizes the appearance of some character card faces in the Genius Invocation TCG.

Optimizes the special effects of shield effects for cards when playing Genius Invokation TCG on mobile.

Optimizes the animation effect when playing a new character card in the Genius Invokation TCG.

● Other

Fits the achievement description “well-trained archaeologist”.

Adjusts the number of teleportation points required to unlock the achievement “On Sandstorms and Mirages (I).” The original total number of Teleport Points required to unlock was 26, now adjusted to 27 (if the achievement is completed, the completion status of the achievement remains unchanged).

Adjustment of the rules for obtaining Elemental Resonance effects: When there are four characters in your party, or four or more characters in your party due to experience characters, Elemental Resonance will take effect as normal, with the specific Elemental Resonance effect determined by the corresponding components of the first to fourth character in your party (Prior to adjustment, Elemental Resonance would not take effect if a trial character was present).

Removed the second confirmation pop-up for skipping the cutscene to the second stage of the “Shouki no Kami, the Prodigal” boss fight. Now clicking “Skip” will directly skip the scene without needing confirmation.

Adjusts the pitch range to trigger some random events

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