Saber Interactive has released Evil Dead: The Game update 1.40 (PS5 version 1.400) for all platforms. This new update comes with Splatter Royale mode. Check out the Evil Dead: The Game 2 February patch notes below.

Evil Dead: The Game Update 1.40 Patch Notes | Evil Dead: The Game Update 1.400 patch notes | Evil Dead: The Game February 2 Patch Notes:

updating: Full patch notes are now available.


new features

  • New mode: Splatter Royale.
    Splatter Royale is our new game mode and our spin on Battle Royale! You’ll fight against up to 40 players as Deadites versions of your favorite characters, all in a bloody mess.

New content for free

  • New weapons: grenade launcher and scythe.
  • New Free Outfit: Pablo’s Kandar Facelift.

New premium content

You can purchase the following in the Immortal Power Bundle DLC:

  • New Survivor: Ruby.
  • Pablo’s fish and chips outfit.
  • Ash’s party animal outfit.
  • Kelly’s Scourge outfit.
  • Puppet Demon Class: King of the Frost White Outfit.

balance changes

Thank you all for your constructive feedback, as it is essential to help make Evil Dead: The Game the grooviest experience possible! Please keep coming.

You can find our official feedback website Here.

Survivor Rush Meta

  • Vehicle damage bars have been reduced by 100 points to make them easier to break.


  • The fear reduction of upgraded survivors is increased by an additional 5% from levels 1 to 5 to a maximum of 55%.
  • Increased invulnerability time for units after spawning from a portal.


  • The power of the balance bar of the Warlord Possession upgrade is increased by an additional 10% from levels 3 to 5 for a maximum of 45%.
  • Puppet Hold upgrade balance bar strength increased by an additional 5% from levels 3 to 5 for a maximum of 40%.
  • The balance bar strength of the Necromancer Possession upgrade is increased by an additional 5% from levels 3 to 5 for a maximum of 25%.
  • The balance bar strength of Plaguebringer’s possession upgrade is increased by an additional 5% from levels 3 to 5, to a maximum of 40%.
  • Demon Vision changed to Demon Powers.
  • The Demon Powers upgrade costs an additional 5 points at level 2 and 10 points at level 3.
  • Pit Deadite AI is more likely to use foul splashes.
  • Increased chance for Plagued Skeleton AI to use magic circle.
  • Increased chance for Plagued Skeleton AI to use Double pierce.
  • Increased invulnerability time for units after spawning from a portal from 0.5 seconds to 1 second
  • Henrietta can now cancel basic attacks with a meteor attack.
  • New energy gain of Demon Dash at level 1 (15), level 2 (30) and level 3 (50).
  • An additional Deonic Dash fear spawns at level 1 (5), level 2 (10), and level 3 (25).
  • New Demon Dash Cooldown reduction at level 1 (5%), level 2 (10%) and level 3 (20%).


  • Players will no longer be able to remove the foliage.
    Note: Editing game files is against our terms of service. Doing so may lead to suspension or permanent blocking.
  • Portraits are updated in-game and in the lobby depending on the player’s outfit.
  • If the player presses the X button while accepting the order in the collection, the “show character” screen can no longer be locked.
  • It will no longer be possible to display placeholder text when the demon player gains experience after the survivors have collected each objective.
  • AI survivors now move more smoothly around objects and fences in standalone mode.
  • AI survivors will focus better on enemies in the Necronomicon stage.
  • The parts of the map will now have the correct lighting.
  • The storm is now displayed correctly on the minimap.
  • The “cost” string in skipping the challenge is now translated to all languages.
  • The survival model no longer shakes when shot during the demon possession animation.
  • The player no longer partially loses input when entering the car before the start of the mission 4 art scene.
  • Mia’s active ability is now blocked during possession and cannot be activated by the demon.
  • Deadites’ counterattack deals damage again.
  • The demon can no longer activate Mia’s active ability if she presses the ability button at the same time as the possession animation.
  • Deadites will no longer spawn outside the map boundaries while collecting an Objective on the Remington Rapids map.
  • The “Invest Spirit” input will no longer hang if the player navigates to another tab while clicking on it.
  • Now, after finishing a special attack while pressing another input, the camera integrates more smoothly.
  • Now, window safe survivors with the correct animation on the Army of Darkness map.
  • Improved animations for survivors while aiming.
  • Various fixes for collecting objects and getting stuck.

Although no patch notes have been released so far, the game’s official Twitter page announced the following below.

Are you ready to spray the walls and wipe the floors with the blood of your enemies? Splatter Royale is coming! On February 2nd, battle up to 40 Deadites in an all-new bonus game mode to see who will be the last demon standing.

Additionally, Ruby’s character will be playable on this date as well. Details on the Twitter page below.

You asked for her, and now she’s almost here! Play as the newest survivor, Ruby, in Evil Dead: The Game on February 2nd! A former Dark One herself, she is a natural leader who can still use her evil abilities to consume the souls of her enemies to gain unique benefits.

We will update this post as soon as possible when official patch notes are released. Please refresh this page when new details are released.

updating: Full patch notes have been released and we have updated the article.

source: Evil Dead: The Game Twitter, Backlog support


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