Epic Games has released Fortnite update 3.78, which is an unannounced patch for the shooter. Given that we only got the v23.20 patch last week, don’t expect anything from this update other than fixes. Read on for what’s new in the Fortnite January 25 patch notes.

Fortnite 3.78 update patch notes | Fortnite January 25 patch notes:

Here’s Epic’s latest announcement regarding the Fortnite issues:

Other than that, nothing has been mentioned about any player-facing changes for today’s patch. As for the issues with the game, here is what is known through the The official Fortnite Trello board:

General leading issues:

Fixed in a future game update:

  • Players cannot claim the Exile version of the mind’s eye rear bling
  • Battle Dog Helmet and Molten Dog Battle Helmet are visually incorrect.
  • The physics on Johnny Red’s coat no longer work.


  • Harding is temporarily disabled.
  • The Sparkle Specialist outfit is non-reflective and shiny.

in development:

  • Players get a blue lobby background
  • Bonus reward on ‘prerequisite not met’


Fixed in a future game update:

The “Party Time” boost has been temporarily disabled.

Unable to emote after Victory Royale

Falling damage when sliding with Shockwave


  • Players in performance mode do not see player or chest outlines when highlighted.
  • The “Rifle Cop” power-up is temporarily disabled.
  • Missing red dot when reviewing with a red eye rifle
  • The controller inputs do not work on the computer when viewing.

in development:

  • Firing a weapon while running and jumping may not register the hit
  • The “Aerialist” Augment has been temporarily disabled.
  • Players may be sent back to their initial location when exiting the vehicle

You can Check out the Trello board For the leading themes of Creative and Save the World. If there are other changes posted, we will update the article.


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