Forspoken is a huge game, and while the story itself is fairly short, a lot of the time you’ll spend in this RPG will involve lots and lots of exploration. Athia is huge, with tons of locations to explore, mutants to kill, and Founds of Blessing to unlock.

To make your travels around Ethia much smoother, here are some tips to help you on your journey.

Tips and tricks for explicit investigation:

Markers are your friend

Forspoken’s marker system is quite useful when you have multiple points of interest that you would like to visit. You can upload up to five of these markers at a time, and they can be removed from the map at once by pressing the triangle button.

When traveling to a remote area, such as a blessing spring or a monument you haven’t unlocked yet, multiple markers can be useful. You can mark your final destination with the first marker, then additionally mark any Pilgrim’s Shelter or Belfryse along the way. This will allow you to unlock fast travel points as you go to a location for potential future use.

The markers are all numbered from 1 to 5 depending on which one was placed first. The numbers also appear in the world, so you can keep track of which marker belongs to which point of interest without having to open your map all the time.

Cancel fall damage with a zipper

The fall damage in Forspoken is pretty negligible, but being locked in the landing animation after a long fall isn’t always ideal. If you’d rather land on your feet without the ground shattering, you can actually cancel your momentum entirely with Zip.

To pull this off, simply jump off your favorite cliff or ledge, and wait until you’re about to hit the ground. Just before you do, hold down the square button to slow down time and aim your Zip at a nearby wall or the ground. If you’re in range, you’ll zap as soon as you release the button, and you’ll effectively cancel all that momentum from your jump, thus canceling any potential fall damage.

Of course, this trick isn’t really useful once you unlock Float, and it’s better for canceling fall damage. But since you’ll have to go out of your way to open it, and the zip is unlocked simply by doing the main story, this alternative is much better for early-game players.

Run the spell challenges for magic parkour spells

Frey can jump, ride, and dash around her with a variety of spells, but to make them even more effective, you’ll need to complete the Spell Challenges. These are challenges you can run using Pilgrim’s Refuges that when completed increase the spell associated with the challenge. Spell challenges help you boost damage and support spells, but they’re also very useful for magical parkour spells like Rush and Shimy.

By completing Spellcraft challenges for magical parkour spells, you’ll be able to get through Athia much more efficiently. For example, Float allows you to stay in the air for a long time, and Rush completely restores your stamina, allowing you to run endlessly. Completing these challenges is also an easy task, as you simply need to use the relevant spell a certain number of times to upgrade it.

While it will take some time before you can 100% complete every area in Bathia, these tips should help make the task a little easier. For more Forspoken content, check out our Game Center.


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