A new AAA game studio has just been announced called “Maverick Games,” and it consists of developers from Playground Games, the game developer behind the Forza Horizon franchise. It should be noted that it is led by Mike Brown, who was the creative director of the Forza franchise before his departure.

A recent GamesIndustry feature delves into the making of this new studio, which also involves other developers from Playground Games. Harinder Sangha, the developer’s COO, worked as interim studio head for SEGA HARDlight and director of operations for Sumo Digital. There’s also Tom Butcher, executive producer at Maverick Games, who worked as lead producer at Playground Games. With other industry veterans also part of Maverick, it’s safe to say the team is pretty packed.

However, despite the experience of the current members of the company, Maverick Games is still quite small. With only ten employees, it’s not as manpower or talent as you’d expect from a AAA developer. The studio does plan to grow, however, with a goal of 140 employees.

For the studio’s debut game, the plan is to create an open world title that will be available on consoles and PC. It will also be a premium game, so no free-to-play crap either. It’s obviously far from over yet, but at least we know the studio already has a goal in mind.

The Maverick Games office will be based in Leamington Spa in the UK, but according to Brown, the studio will adopt a more “modern approach” to working with remote and hybrid work options available.

More and more game studios like this are popping up all over the world, and hopefully we’ll get to hear news about Maverick’s debut game sometime in the future.

source: the gaming industry


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