Fallout 76 Update 1.74

Bethesda has released Fallout 76 update 1.74, and it should further alleviate the crashing issues players have been experiencing since last week. Read on for what’s new in the January 31 FO76 patch notes.

Fallout 76 1.74 Update Patch Notes | Amendment Notes FO76 January 31:

Here is the announcement of the patch for the computer that came out yesterday (the computer is faster because there is no certification process to go through first):

PC players can now download the latest hotfix. This will solve the server stability first and foremost. More fixes such as Bear Arms not working properly are on the way but not included in this yet.

Here’s what’s in today’s patch via the official Bethesda Discord server:

Hello everyone! A quick update from our dev team to let you know that the server stability hotfix is ​​currently shipping on PlayStation. We’ll have info on the Xbox version soon.

That’s about it. There don’t seem to be any fixes related to the game, but if Bethesda mentions anything, we’ll update the article soon. By the looks of it, given the Bear Arms issue, we should be getting another patch soon.


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