Following the release of a patch that had to be patched once again with another patch, it looks like the woes of Fallout 76 players are far from over. Multiple reports of Fallout 76 crashing issues have surfaced since the last update released on January 27th.

Fallout 76 January 2023 Crash Report:

Multiple players of the game have posted how Fallout 76 crashes for doing the simplest things like checking your Pip-boy, shooting, running or doing anything useful. And yes, this crashing issue affects both PC and console players.

The new crash event M fo76

The new crash event M fo76

Crash and question about compensation M fo76

The game keeps crashing. I do not know what to do. M fo76

On Twitter, while Bethesda has yet to announce anything about it, the official Bethesda support account did respond to a user stating that they are aware of the crash issues and are currently investigating:

I hope this means it will be resolved soon. Don’t be surprised if players are required to download another patch to resolve this.

As soon as we know more, or find a workaround, we will update the article.


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