Back in August of last year, CI Games announced a new game in the Lords of the Fallen franchise simply named “Lords of the Fallen”. While some may assume it’s a reboot and that’s the reason for the title, that’s not really the case.

Speaking in the latest issue of EDGE Magazine (#381), HexWorks, the studio developing The Lords of the Fallen, explained why they chose to name it the same as the original that came out in 2014. HexWorks Senior Brand Manager Ryan Hill explains that a numbered sequel would have given the wrong impression, as it would have fans believe which is a direct sequel to Deck 13’s 2014 game.

Senior brand manager Ryan Hill explains that a numbered sequel would have given the wrong impression, leading fans to expect a direct sequel and failing to sell the jump in quality and variety that Xworks is trying to achieve, while the use of subtitles made it look like a spin-off. However, the team still wanted to acknowledge the connection to the first game – and if Batman, Wolverine and Suicide Squad can do it, why not follow suit? “It may not be the clearest path forward,” admits Hill, “but I think by the time we launch, everyone will learn what it is.”

In another part of the same interview, Sol Gascon, executive producer at HexWorks explains that the action-RPG is both a sequel and a reboot.

Gascon describes the new game as “both a sequel and a reboot. Basically, we fixed everything from the first game.” In fact, it seems that those looking for continuity will mostly have to settle for the game’s storyline, which mentions past events and characters that will serve as building blocks for a scenario set 1,000 years later. A mighty demon god will once again act as the main antagonist, for example, with the Radiant Church still representing the opposing force against him.

You can check out the Lords of the Fallen gameplay right here. The game does not yet have a set release date but is in development for PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.


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