Mediatonic has released Fall Guys update 1.19, and it brings the Red Envelope Rally event just in time for the Lunar New Year! Read on for all that’s new in the January 19 Guys Fall Patch Notes.

Fall Guys Update 1.19 Patch Notes | Patch notes for fall guys January 19:

It’s the Lunar New Year, and we’d love for you to celebrate at Blenderdom. We are here to wish you longevity, peace and prosperity with the Red Envelope Rally event, an in-game event that takes place from 10:00 GMT on January 19 to 10:00 GMT on February 6, 2023Where players can unlock a year of rabbit-themed favors!

In addition to this, there is also a new DOOM crossover skin available in the well!

Guys Fall March-Teres

Become a light in the dark with the bright and beautiful Horn Domi costume, plus a shiny new name plate and nickname! Because fighting evil doesn’t mean you don’t have to look spectacular too.

You will also have a chance to catch the best of UAC: e Doom Slayer costume Returns to Blenderdom, along with incredibly evil Cyberdemon and Cacodemon!

So get ready to lock and load – all items will be available in the fall guys store from 10:00 GMT on 19 January to 10:00 GMT on 24 January!

If there are other changes included in this announced patch, we will update the article.

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