Dying Light 2 Winter Tales

Techland may have missed the mark a bit with Winter Tales’ Dying Light 2 holiday event. The event was set to run from the latter part of December until January 5th, with a community goal for players to reach in order for everyone to claim a free holiday-themed weapon, the Bable Mace.

Unfortunately, players fell short of this goal, and by quite a margin too. The goal was to collect six million gifts that you could obtain from the event, but players only managed to collect less than three million gifts instead. Techland apologized for the miscalculation and also decided to give the free Bauble Mace to all players as compensation.

While it’s nice to see that Techland owned up to its mistakes, it’s still surprising that the cause was hit with millions of gifts. I hope this event will help Techland plan better events in the future so that players have reasonable goals to achieve while playing.

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