Techland released Dying Light 2 update 1.25 (PS5 version 1.025), which is tied to the first year celebration for the game today! Read on for what’s new in the Dying Light 2 January 31 patch notes.

Dying Light 2 Update 1.25 Patch Notes | Dying Light 2 Update 1.025 Patch Notes | Patch notes for Ding Light 2 Jan 31:

updating: Techland revealed what’s in today’s patch and then some! Dive into the official changelog below.

Community Update #2 (1.9.0)

It’s going to be a gin-wait for it to arrive!
Gain new passive abilities and progress faster than ever, even when you think you’ve reached the end. See what you’re capable of and take your game to the next level!

Computer | XBOX | post Scriptum

It’s going to be a gin-wait for it to arrive!
Gain new passive abilities and progress faster than ever, even when you think you’ve reached the end. See what you’re capable of and take your game to the next level!

Cross-gen for Xbox and PlayStation is here
Ready to explore the city with your friends? With Cross-gen for Xbox and PlayStation, you can now team up with other Survivors on different generations of consoles! Join and enjoy!

Improvements to Ragdolls physics and AI Reaction
We’ve upgraded your experience to include the new and improved ragdoll animations, physics and AI reactions. Infected now behave more realistically after taking damage. Get the best tools, and check out these improvements for yourself!
● New ragdoll code that more realistically applies the impact forces
● New ragdoll presets change the hit reactions of human-sized enemies
● Changed several hit reactions based on animation for ragdolls
● Changes to AI behavior around the edges of buildings

Dynamic contests repeat
Looking for something new to spice up your online experience? Check out a classic Dying Light feature – dynamic competitions! It will give you the thrill of dealing with something unexpected!

This update brings several big changes that will affect the game. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights in this update.
● Players can now experience more immersive and terrifying audio during night chases
● Sections can be skipped by long pressing the dedicated button.
● Hazmat Biters will not explode immediately when the weapon is struck by fire or electric shocks
● Players can now determine any amount of crafted items – not just one or all.
● Players can now instantly kill the grabbing Biters with the Stab Skill upgrade
● Rare trophies will now drop more often than Infected
● Added new clothing – Pilgrim Outfit – given at the beginning of the game.
● Evasion ability when looking up
● Improved world textures — selected floors, walls and surfaces
● Lowering Biter’s hijacking frequency
● New one-handed ax animations — and we don’t stop with animation improvements there!

Game update
In addition to the changes in the first part of the update notes, we have implemented additional fixes!
Check them out in the full list below:
● Co-op
○ Any player can now use the host’s Nightrunner tool during a co-op session, regardless of individual progress in single player
○ Added rebomb ability – spawns 45 seconds after death near another player
○ Challenges should end for all players if one of them completes them
○ Ropes will look natural and not distorted when swinging
○ Decreased neck strength for low tier enemies – removals will work properly
○ Changing the position of the user interface of the side information
○ Doors in X13 will open properly for players in the co-op session
○ Fixed issue with redistributed players on X13
○ Fixed immunity exploit after re-healing. There is no more god mode.
○ Fixed flickering of player model while hiding/vents
○ Improved user interface regarding players who need to be revived
○ The list of games found in the online menu will be automatically refreshed after a failed login attempt
○ Fixed a rare issue where the flashlight would stay on during Aiden’s flashes
○ Fixed rare graphical issues with opening and closing military tanks repeatedly
○ Fixed TPP animations issue for players using baseball bats
○ Blood Ties – Fixed matchmaking issues despite owning said story’s DLC
○ Blood Ties – Fixed issue of music not playing for all players in Rush and Carnage challenges
○ Blood Ties – Players now no longer have to wait for other players at critical moments during timed sequences
○ Blood Ties – Player looks more natural when opening safes
○ Blood Ties – The load challenges will end for everyone once the host is done
○ Blood Ties – Objectives for Spectacles are now properly updated in the UI for all players in co-op
○ Fixed TPP animation of connecting a power cable to the generator
○ Improved cooperative widgets of other players – including status icons (poisoned, burned, etc.)
○ A player no longer loses the ability to attack a turret after a scene has been triggered
○ Let’s Waltz – Rope has been replaced with a monkey bar to prevent players from falling to their death and blocking quest progress
○ Teleport to host shortened from 10 seconds to 3
○ Increased bleed time from 20s to 40s – now you have extra time to help your fallen friends!
○ The player healing their friendly friend will no longer be dragged – in other words, healing stops if the patient runs away
○ Veronika Quest – Fixed issue of one invisible NPC for each player in session
○ Fixed rare instances of the host having trouble returning to normal mode when other players leave the game
○ When using a controller, reviving other players will not unintentionally use other consumables outside of the medkit selected on the item wheel

● Gameplay
○ Addressed the issue of players not being able to create selectors despite having free space
○ Barbed wire around the hunter camp will now cause damage – be careful!
○ Crossbow now has finite ammo in Harper’s Elite Mission
○ Kick attacks are now a bit faster and stronger
○ Hitting a friendly NPC will no longer count towards the “King of the Hill” objective

● Technical
○ The game will no longer use DRM protection
○ PC only – Addressed the darker image issue on some configurations after one of the recent patches
○ PC only – The Carnage Manica shield is no longer displayed twice when holding the scroll wheel on the mouse
○ PS5 only – Bloody Ties will now load correctly when launched from the resume tab
○ “Heartbeat” sound will no longer be heard if the player has muted all audio in the game settings
○ Increased diversity of fern models in the city
○ Background music for the “Cathedral” quest is no longer heard everywhere after following the quest
○ Fixed a graphical issue of fog or smoke appearing underwater
○ Fixed graphical issues of building geometry showing dark gaps in the distance
○ Fixed a problem with background vibrations in the menu due to in-game explosions
○ Fixed rare cases of players falling through the elevator floor
○ Improved quality of VFX/particle effects
○ SFX now sound for the weapon’s explosion mode explosion
○ Improved shooting animation for bows
○ Fixed the issue of missing VO lines
○ Fixed lack of combat music while fighting in GRE Anomalies
○ Fixed rare cases of missing audio after previewing an outfit in the warehouse
○ Fixed TPP animations for blocking with Cranage Manica while holding a weapon for 2h
○ Fixes for remote NPCs occasionally getting stuck in their animation
○ Improved lightning consistency in game
○ UV flashlight – increased sound volume when burning Biters
○ Furniture and other assets were moved in several places to reduce shear anomalies
○ Increased rendering range for volume fog and lights
○ Higher resolution for the sky
○ Increased number of objects that cast a shadow
○ Improved transition for LOD of trees
○ General performance optimization of CPU, GPU and DirectX 12
○ Improvements in memory usage and performance in longer game sessions
○ PC only – The disappearance of the FSR 2.0 option in some configurations has been addressed
○ Fixes for completing the Real Nightrunner achievement. Note, one of the Nightrunner experiments may need to be redone
○ Improved LODs on the highway leading to X13

● User interface
○ Added quest marker for “Hangover Portrait”
○ Added an additional seventh health bar segment for healthy players with over 600 HP
○ Add a tooltip to the map icon for the vendor in Carnage Hall
○ Add a tooltip to the map icon for Severus in Carnage Hall
○ The camouflage icon will no longer be replaced by other status icons
○ Search goals are clarified in the “Master”
○ A fast travel hint will now be correctly added to the hint menu
○ The order of icons for mod weapons is no longer different in different parts of the UI
○ The “Quest Update” text overlapping the health bar is fixed
○ Improved loading times of today’s messages in the main menu
○ Players can now easily swap Nightrunner accessories and tools in the quick slot

No official patch notes have been released yet, which is understandable given that there’s an anniversary stream going up later at 11am PT/2pm ET/3am HKT! In it, Techland promises surprises in tow, so maybe new DLC?

There are also free options for watching streamers:

🎁Dying Light 2’s birthday promises to be extraordinary because you don’t need to bring gifts – we’ll share gifts with you! Watch Dying Light 2 streams on Twitch 31.01 – 07.02, and grab the unique Bozak Bow! (details in attached comment) M A dying light

While there are no patch notes available yet, we do know some of the things included in the patch! Apparently legend levels were added (via legal-bagel)

Once we know more about today’s patch, we’ll make sure to update the article, so please refresh it from time to time.

Update: The post has been updated with official patch notes.

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