In celebration of Dying Light 2’s first year, Techland has announced its plans for this year with a new Dying Light 2 Roadmap to 2023. The roadmap includes an update to combat, movement, and a new story expansion through the game’s second DLC.

The new Dying Light 2 roadmap for 2023:

Here is a gallery of the road map made for easier viewing:

Two anniversary events, titled Bloody Jubilee and Dropkick Weekend, will give players plenty to do in the coming weeks. Bloody Anniversary is set to run from January 30th to February 9th, while Dropkick Weekend will take place from February 2nd to February 9th.

2023 will also see adjustments to the combat and movement mechanics of Dying Light 2. Melee combat is set to be reworked, and the parkour and traversal methods will also see some changes. Franchise director Timon Smaktala also teases a brand new battle mode coming this year.

If you’d like to fight the Infected by means other than melee combat, you should be quite happy with one of the Dying Light 2: Stay Human add-ons we’re currently preparing.

Dying Light 2 is known for being a melee-focused zombie game, so this may hint at the possibility of guns as part of a future update. However, Smektala didn’t specifically mention guns, and for all we know, this new form of combat could be completely different from what we’re used to in the zombie genre.

Aside from the event announcements, we also learn a bit more about the game’s second DLC, which follows last year’s Bloody Ties DLC. This new expansion will be more driven in nature and will contain references to the first Dying Light game. The DLC was actually introduced in a new YouTube video, which you can find below:

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsEWG9xwco0(/embed)

With all the content announced during the game’s first anniversary, fans of Dying Light 2 will have a lot to look forward to in the coming months.


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