Don't Starve Together Update 2.64

Klei has released the Don’t Starve Together 2.64 update, and it brings a list of fixes to the game. Read on for what’s new in the January 25 patch notes Don’t starve together.

Don’t Starve Together Update 2.64 Patch Notes | Don’t Starve Together January 25 Correction Notes:


  • All Bunnyman’s foods of the year are now classified as good.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a crash with Cozy Bunnyman gifting.
  • Fixed crash with Cozy Bunnyman spawn points.
  • Fixed a crash with Cozy Bunnyman trying to eat an illegal food entity.
  • Fixed a crash with Cozy Bunnyman’s pillows during loading related to their names.
  • Fixed Cozy Bunnyman pillows losing their names during a save and load cycle.
  • The cost of Bunnyman’s alimony year is corrected.
  • Fixed getting stuck when unable to pick-up a mast.
  • Fixed additional cases of boats intersecting physics objects and flying around the world.
  • Set baby bunnies too many hands as they walk from side to side.
  • Compensation for players’ authority lag will be temporarily ignored while in boats to stop teleporting to the ocean when the boat is moving.

Notes for the excluded

  • The c_announce command is validated to reduce crashes when misused.
  • Oceantree qualifiers will use TUNING.OCEANTREE_STAGES_TO_SUPERTALL for its internal counters.

source: Clay forums


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