DNF Duel 1.11 update

Arc System Works has pushed out the DNF Duel 1.11 update, and it applies bug fixes affecting the game. Check out all that’s new in the official DNF Duel January 27 patch notes.

DNF Duel Update 1.11 Patch Notes | DNF Duel January 27 patch notes:

The following bugs have been fixed by the update.

● The bug where while the grappler is awake, using MP skills after canceling a shoulder grapple (hold) leaves the armor effect
● The bug where a counter attack is not properly activated after the opponent’s attack lags with the following skills / MP skills
– Grappler’s Seismic Crash
– The Crusader Saint Counter
– The Lost Warrior’s Absolute Guard
● The bug where the following skills / MP skills do not track OTG attack when hitting the Lost Warrior’s Phase Shift.
– Launcher’s Spriggan
-The dragon knight’s biting dragon
● The bug that leaves Swift Master floating in the air when Hurricane Vortex is activated

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