Red Beard Games has pushed out the Divine Knockout 1.25 update, and it adds a new fighter in Sun Wukong otherwise known as the Monkey King! Read on for the full January 25th Divine Knockout patch notes below.


72 permutations

  • Sun Wukong turns into a beast and runs forward. If used on the ground, it turns into a tiger and from the air into an eagle. Renovate the ability to get out of traffic early and attack an opponent at range.

The Magic Cudgel

  • Sun Wukong extends his staff out to stab in front of him, increasing its size to cover a large distance and wide area. Hitting an enemy with the tip of the staff will cause additional damage and knockback.

Abducted blows

  • Transforming into a blur of destruction, Sun Wukong performs 3 quick, rolling attacks. The first two attacks hit enemies for a short distance, with a final spinning attack knocking all enemies down.

Cloning monkeys

  • Sun Wukong plucks out a few strands of hair and creates a clone of himself that moves to attack the nearest enemy, using only basic attacks. The ability can then be regenerated once to switch positions with the clone.

New skins

Cyber ​​​​Samurai Susano – shop


First Pri-Mate Sun Wukong – shop


New 1v1/2v2 map: Scuttleboat Scuffle

Unleash it under red skies in this spacious arena, where the key to victory lies in mastering the high ground. Make your opponents see that there is not enough room to move around for the best fishing spot in the East!


New Feature: Daily Login Rewards

Get bonus rewards for daily logins, including extra boosters, runes and stars – even cosmetics!

New feature: bots in custom games

Players can now add bots to their custom games! Add specific gods to test your skills against your greatest nemesis on each map.

Characters Select Changes

  • Players can now change skins during the character selection screen
  • Players have a few seconds less to choose their god, but more time to choose the right talent loadout
  • Players now do not see their opponents’ gods before they are all locked

Strange changes

  • Although invulnerable, players with the odd ball will not score points
  • While holding the odd ball, players can no longer use their movement abilities

Changes in quality of life

  • Dual mirror sensitivity range in controller
  • Added a button to shoot the camera in the direction the character is facing

God balance



We’re reducing the charge rate of the ultimate Amaterasu to balance its higher efficiency and combo potential.

  • Ultimate charge rate reduced by about 14%.



Arthur doesn’t fare as well as we’d like in some fights, so we’ve reduced two of his ability cooldowns to bring them closer to the other gods. In addition, his final charge rate has been increased to give him more chances to make an impact in the round.

Soaring Edge

  • Cooldown reduced to 16 seconds (from 18)

Blinding light

  • Cooldown reduced to 16 seconds (from 18)

Maybe Excalibur’s

  • Ultimate charge rate increased by 9%



Susanoo’s air attacks were too effective. We reduced its ability to track targets in the air. This will be most noticeable against a player who avoids Susanoo.

light air

  • Vertical focus range reduced to 2.5m – 4m (from 3.5m – 5m)

Air Heavy

  • Air Heavy warp range reduced to 6 meters (from 8 meters)



Thanos’ “Undedicated” talent was too powerful in a duel as it allowed players to maintain a damage edge when aiming and hitting the same target.


  • Unyielding’s damage increase is reset if Thanatos hits an enemy with an ability



We found that Thor’s Air Heavy attack didn’t match the visuals, so we increased the time the hitbox is present and added a horizontal warp that was missing before. Following that, we tested his talents to make Capacitor’s effect more consistent and adjusted the starting load to improve its viability for first-time players.

Air Heavy

  • Increased time active hitbox in Air Heavy by 30%
  • Added warp distance of 4.5 meters (from 0 warp distance before)



  • Thor now gains a 5% final charge for the first player he hits and then 2% for each additional enemy hit (vs. 3.5% earned per hit).

face against the hammer

  • Replaced with crashing In the default loading

Bug fixes

We’ve fixed over 100 bugs(!) since the last build, here are the highlights:

  • Fixed a bug that allowed some players to load earlier in the game
  • Fixed a bug that caused the bot to stay in the game after a player rejoins
  • Fixed a bug that caused Oddball to not appear when playing game mode
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to be untouchable on Oddball in Crumble Keep
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to score points if eliminated under the bank in Coin Blitz
  • Fixed a bug that caused Izanami’s ultimate to disappear when hitting Athena’s ultimate
  • Kata Combo (Suzano talent) should now affect the cooldown correctly
  • The Icefalls (Ymir talent) should now deal damage when Ymir comes off the ice
  • Stikes Twice (Thor talent) now properly reduces the cooldown by 3.5 seconds instead of adding 3.5 seconds
  • Mjolnir’s fury (Thor talent) now triggers correctly even if not hitting an enemy

source: A divine knockout


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