Story-driven sci-fi game Detroit Become Human recently sold eight million copies worldwide, according to a recent press release. It marks an important milestone for a game that has rocked the video game scene with a unique narrative experience with branching plots, stories and endings. Of Detroit Become Human’s eight million total sales, 2.5 million of those were for PC.

Quantic Dream, the studio behind Detroit Become Human, has also released similar games in the past, including Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls. Those games probably also did pretty well in 2022, according to co-CEO Guillaume de Fondomier.

“2022 was exceptional for QUANTIC DREAM. We achieved a significant increase in sales of our three historical PC games compared to 2021, an exceptional phenomenon that builds on the already excellent sales results recorded in the previous three years.”

Fondaumière also noted that the games were on the wishlist more than ever, suggesting an interest in the studio’s titles. “At the end of 2022, we also saw a record level of ‘wishlisting’ in these three titles, which gives us hope for an equally extraordinary 2023,” he mentions.

Detroit Become Human is a pretty unique game, as it’s basically a story that ends based on the decisions you make. You can play the game multiple times, and with many endings you can reach, no game will likely be the same. Of course, games like Detroit Become Human can be a big effort to develop, but with the recent acquisition of the studio by NetEase, the company may have enough resources to develop something even bigger than Detroit Become Human in the future.

Detroit Become Human is available now on PS4, PS5 and PC.


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