Destiny 2 update 2.78

Bungie has released Destiny 2 update 2.78, for hotfix! This brings seasonal fixes, Iron Banner changes and lots more! Read on for Destiny 2 hotfix notes.

Patch Notes for Destiny 2 Update 2.78 | Destiny 2 Hotfix patch notes:



  • Fixed an issue where Security Drone 01 from Operation: Seraph’s Shield was not visible to players who had not completed enough Beyond Light campaign missions.
  • You can now obtain Deepsight weapons from seasonal vendors daily instead of weekly. Get your patterns, keeper!

Iron Banner

  • Iron Banner rank increase.
  • Doubles the wear of Iron Banner gear.
  • Halve the multipliers to complete challenges.
  • Significantly increased the multiplier for wearing an Iron Insignia.


  • Added exit defenses to the competitive division.
    • Players who complete games that end in losses where one or more teammates were missing from the start of the game will not cause a loss of points in the division.

Game and investment


  • Fixed an issue where the full auto setting could occasionally stop firing while the trigger is held.
  • Fixed an issue where with the full auto setting enabled, autoloading charge-based weapons after emptying the charge allowed you to fire them without a reload delay.

Prizes and the chase

  • Fixed an issue where landing a dialog during Enigma’s initial crafting quest would fail to progress.


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