With game streaming service Google Stadia shutting down within a week, Destiny 2 has finally pulled the plug on the Stadia servers. Destiny 2 Stadia players will no longer be able to access the game through the streaming service.

Fortunately, that doesn’t mean characters from the Stadia game are being deleted — yet. You can still save your characters by setting Cross Save Right here.

An important reminder: Failure to set Cross Save before January 18, 2023, will cause players to lose access For characters, items, icons, your Bungie.net account, and Eververse purchases, such as access to Season Passes.

Cross Save is a feature that allows Destiny 2 players to use the same character across multiple platforms. So if you’re gaming on your desktop but want to move to the couch and relax with your PS5, you can do so while sticking to that Guardian. The Cross Save setting effectively saves Stadia characters on Bungie’s servers, allowing you to use your Guardian on another platform in the future.

There’s one problem, though: you don’t have much time to set up Cross Save. This method is only available until January 18th, when Stadia shuts down for good. At this point, your guardians will be lost forever, so be sure to take some time off your day and set up a Cross Save if you care about your Stadia character’s progress.

It’s also worth noting that once you’ve enabled Cross Save, players with Google Stadia as their primary account should not disable Cross Save under any circumstances. Doing so will cause you to lose access to your characters. Not ideal, but it’s better than not progressing at all.

You can refer to the full support article on this topic Bungie’s website. Destiny 2 is available now for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC (bye, Stadia).


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