Destiny 2 appears to be experiencing connection issues again on January 28, as players are reporting being stuck in a queue or lane. Bungie has acknowledged the error issues that have popped up where players will see “coconut”, “currant” and “cabbage” errors pop up.

Destiny 2 connection errors on January 28:

While Destiny 2 players can connect to the server (meaning it’s not actually down like what happened earlier this week), there have been several reports of long wait times and the like.

error code anteater? M DestinyTheGame

Types of NAT? M DestinyTheGame

The studio also admitted the errors:

As soon as the studio publishes an update regarding the subject, we will update the article accordingly. If you can connect (or can’t connect), leave a comment below and let us know what platform you’re connecting on and from where.

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