While the currency used to upgrade your weapons and equipment in Dead Space are called “Nodes”, there is an additional in-game currency that players will receive, and they are called “Credits”. Credits are the in-game currency of the game (no microtransactions here, so don’t worry), used to buy schematics, ammo, health, (even) nodes and more! If you’re looking for an easy way to earn in-game credits and nodes, check out our quick and handy revamped Dead Space Credits and Nodes guide, which will not only help you get as much cash as possible in your game, but also help you level up your favorite gear as well.

Dead Space Remastered – Best Way to Earn Credits and Nodes:

Sell ‚Äč‚Äčammo for firearms you don’t use

While Dead Space has different weapon types for different situations and enemies, you really don’t need to use all the weapons the game gives you. You can finish the game using the first weapon you are given, the plasma cutter, and even a trophy/achievement associated with it.

If you’ve tested the weapons and find some you don’t like, go sell his ammo. Note that you need to have the weapon in your inventory to collect ammo for it. Once it occupies one inventory slot, you have to collect ammo along the way through crates, lockers, etc., and you can sell them in the in-game shop for easy money. Each ammo you find will get you 1,250 credits and up, and it adds up fast!

As for nodes, the shop sells one for 10,000 credits, and with this method of selling ammo, you’ll see the credits stack up quickly, which you can use to buy med packs, ammo for your favorite weapon, or even nodes.

This is the best method for farming for credits in Dead Space, but here are some additional tips to help you get as many credits as possible during your game.

Use Kinesis in inaccessible corners, crevices, and more

Isaac Clarke’s kinesis ability is most useful for reaching out of reach areas, or carrying batteries and other things to their intended location, but did you know it can also reach many hidden credits hidden in various nooks and crannies?

If you see an unreachable area, or a corner with an opening, use your Kinesis and you’ll be surprised how many times you’ll see a credit taken!

Stomp Necromorphs

It’s something veteran Dead Space players will surely remember: stepping on enemies after killing them. Each enemy should also have a random item drop, but more often than not, it’s credits. Either way, you get stuff for free, so it never hurts to just step on those corpses.

Explore all areas

This last tip isn’t necessarily an efficient way to earn credits, but it’s worth considering if funds are running low. Dead Space’s story doesn’t take you to every nook and cranny of the USG Ishimura, and that means there will be some places left unmarked if you just stick to the main path. These areas will be full of credits and other goodies for you to grab if you take the time to explore them, but be aware that you may end up with less ammo after your ventures, as you may encounter more Necromorphs.

The Dead Space remake can be quite challenging at times, but with these tips in hand, you should have enough credits to get through the story. For more Dead Space remake content, click here.

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