There’s a new Dead Space Remake patch available, and for those curious, it fixes a resolution/graphics bug that PS5, Xbox Series, and PC had. To give you a better idea of ​​how much improved this patch makes the game look, here’s a comparison of what a Dead Space remake looked like before and after the patch.

For those unaware, the PS5 remake of Dead Space (as well as the Xbox and PC series) suffered from a nasty graphics bug that made the game look more blurry and pixelated than it should have been. Although the problem did not affect everyone, some players (B Reddit), including us, noticed something about the remake almost immediately after running it. Luckily, EA Motive eventually acknowledged the problem (so we weren’t all crazy!) and issued a fix as of today. To better show this fix, I took some before and after pictures of the new fix.

Note that these screens are captured using the quality mode before and after the repair. Regarding the lighting change, both images are captured at 100% brightness to show the problem better, so there is no difference in settings even though the lighting has been changed and improved in the new patch.

A close comparison

Yes, it definitely looks a lot better now! For those who didn’t notice it or weren’t affected, at least, you should now see that the lighting and black contrasts now look improved, so there’s a little something for you there.

Dead Space Remake is available now for PS5, Xbox Series and PC. For those interested in our thoughts, be sure to read our full Dead Space Remake review!

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