With the Dead Space remake being as good as it is, many players are looking to explore the world of Dead Space even further, and according to a recent interview, the developers at EA Motive share the same sentiment.

In a GQ article, EA Motive executive producer Phil Ducharme and creative director Roman Campos-Oriola shared their thoughts on the latest Dead Space remake. In it, Ducharme reveals that he is eager to “explore more of the dead space,” with Campus-Oriola apparently on the same page.

There is an interest on my side and I think on Roman’s side – you can see his smile – to explore more of the salt space. There are ideas, that’s for sure. We’re wrapping up this week, we’re going to make sure this launch goes well and there are as few technical issues as possible.

Ducharme also stated that they plan to hold talks with EA in hopes of understanding the direction of the series going forward.

We’ll go on vacation and then we’ll sit down and have these discussions within EA to say, ‘Well, what’s next?’

If you haven’t tried it yet, the Dead Space remake does justice to the original 2008 game and then some, with modern assets and a new secret ending. Check out our Dead Space Remake guides if you plan on exploring the USG Ishimura yourself.

source: GQ


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