Update dead daylight 2.72

Behavior Interactive has released Dead by Daylight update 2.72, for patch 6.5.1! It brings a bunch of fixes to the game. Read on for the full Dead by Daylight January 31 notes.

Dead by Light Update 2.72 Patch Notes | Dead by Light Update 6.5.1 Patch Notes | Correction Notes: Died in daylight January 31:


  • Survival activity HUD now shows generator progress.

Bug fixes


  • The game should no longer crash on exit.
  • Switching to loading with the same plugin in a different location will no longer cause disconnection from the lobby.
  • Items on sale in the shop display the correct discounted price on the Iridescent Shard.
  • Customization reward messages will now appear correctly.
  • The copyright year has been updated in the intro trailer.
  • Simultaneously leveling up and switching characters should no longer trigger a soft lock.

Custom games

  • In custom play, changing to Survivor after multiple players in the Assassin role now displays the correct role for all party members.
  • Bots will now hit normal skill checks correctly.

Killer insects

  • The knight can no longer break an unknocked surface, which is reset by the Any Means Necessary perk.
  • Survivors will no longer be stuck in the Unchain action when chained by Cenobite’s Pain Summon or Chain Hunt.
  • Deadly Chaser will no longer accidentally reveal auras while blind.
  • The Hillbilly chainsaw no longer risks stalling when using an Apex Muffler or off-brand engine oil additives.
  • The whisper icon is not illuminated even before its first activation.
  • Frame rate stabilized during Killer Moris.
  • The nurse will now correctly blink charge while using Jenner’s last breath.
  • Status effects from the pig’s extras will no longer remain after removing an inverted bear trap.
  • Killers will no longer get a merciless killer after killing less than 4 survivors.
  • Killers will no longer get stuck on the crushed square map.
  • Fixed an unreachable bear trap location on the gas shield map.
  • Assassins can no longer climb the Vat Room rails on the game map.
  • Wreckers can no longer completely block access to basements in Autohaven Wreckers Realm.
  • Exiting a locker as The Dredge while a survivor is moving away no longer causes audio to cut.
  • The Blight will no longer leave William Birkin’s voice in the menu while he switches to another outfit.
  • The knight’s magical plates and frosty eye costumes no longer disappear while using his power.

Survival bugs

  • A female survivor’s feet will no longer be abducted through the ground during the nurse tutors.
  • The red envelope of a dead or disconnected survivor will no longer remain visible.
  • The Breakout Perk icon is now correctly visible to Survivors affected by it
  • Married survivors can now see if they are affected by the iron grip.
  • Missing a skill check when releasing a generator will now result in the loss of potential energy tokens.
  • The map item no longer allows unlimited calling of aura.
  • Survivors using the Glass Beads plugin can now create markers as intended.
  • The Healing Hood icon will not activate when a survivor is in a cage of redemption.
  • The HUD indicator should now reveal accurate generator progress information.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause backward bear traps to remain floating in front of the puzzle box after being removed.
  • Backward bear traps will now properly disappear after being removed.
  • Survivors who have bled out or die due to the killer’s special power (Honrio’s Convicted, etc.) will no longer see the escaped result on the endgame screen.
  • The Obsession achievement item can now be unlocked as intended.
  • Survivors can no longer trap Knight Guards inside lockers with a hasty exit.

source: Forums of behavior


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