CyberConnect2 has pushed the (Dragon Ball Z) DBZ Kakarot 1.91 update, and that brings the data for the Bardock Alone Against Fate DLC to be available later this week on January 13th! Players can also expect the next-gen versions to be available this week as well. Check out what’s new in the DBZ Kakarot January 11 patch notes.

DBZ Kakarot 1.91 Patch Notes | DBZ Kakarot January 11 Patch Notes:

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RO_FeDpocLY(/embed)

size: 5.3GB (PS4)

Here’s what players can expect from the DLC (according to Sony Playstation blog):

Another scenario: -Bardock- Alone Against Fate

The newly released additional scenario features Goku’s father, Bardock, as the main character. The DLC is based on the TV special Badock the Father of Goku. You can experience the epic battles that Bardock faces, in order to change the cursed future of his planet and himself.

Just like the main Kakarot series, the DLC recreates famous scenes from the anime, and also depicts the lives of the Saiyans on Planet Vegeta and their relationship with Bardock’s friends, which have not been depicted in previous games until now. The new Planet Vegeta map allows players to freely explore locations such as Frieza’s military base and the Saiyan settlements.

You can also participate in various sub-quests at the request of Bardock’s friends. In these side quests, you might be able to get a glimpse of a different side of the characters.

In the PS4’s update history, it only mentions the patch as “made other adjustments”. No word yet on official patch notes, but if we spot any gameplay-related changes, we’ll update the article accordingly to reflect it.


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