Massive Monster has released Cult of the Lamb update 1.11 (PS5 version 1.011), which is an unknown title update for the action-RPG. Check out what’s new in the Cult of the Lamb January 18 patch notes.

Patch notes for Cult of the Lamb Update 1.11 | Cult of the Lamb Update 1.011 patch notes | Correction notes to the Lamb sect January 18:

Unfortunately, Massive Monster has yet to acknowledge today’s update. However, the studio did confirm that a new drop of content is coming alongside a new batch of fixes confirmed to be released at the “beginning of the new year”, which we’re guessing pertains to today’s update.

Read on for the confirmed information that will be coming to the game (no release date has been given yet).

Heavy attack

! This new sword move can take down multiple enemies in one SMASH when you swarm.

Each type of weapon has its own

Heavy attack

. Throwing this ax boomerang provides a ranged option. Charge the ax throw to launch it in a straight line before it flies back to your new position, slashing enemies in both directions.

of the dagger

Heavy attack

Gives birth to pain from the sky. Multiple daggers will drop in a row and each will knock enemies further away.

Adding a new attack to each weapon will give you more options in each encounter. However, we are also working on many other new features that will add depth, difficulty, accessibility and quality of life. We’ve listened to your feedback and are addressing the most requested improvements in this free major content update.

Can you spot anything different about Barbatos? There will be plenty of good reasons to rematch your favorite foes.

We have another round of fixes planned for the start of the new year, but after that, we’ll be working on this major content update. It’s a lot so it will take longer in the cooking pot.

Once the official changelog is released, we’ll update the article to reflect it.

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